Uh.. here goes nothing

Photo by: Devin Williamsyoga


Romans 3:23 


I’ve wanted to pick up the hobby of blogging for quite some time now, but in all honesty I just thought I didn’t have one specific area of talent.. I can’t do make-up outstandingly. I am by no means Martha Stewart when it comes to cooking. I do not even specialize in decor. OH, and i’m not one of those that eat extremely healthy .. My go-to meal is cheese pizza or a bacon cheese burger from A&M…

So here I am now wrists sweating and all wanting to give people a much more personal look into my simple life that Jesus has given me. I’m not one to express myself fully on other social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram,etc. I  would love to use this blog as a haven for me to express myself, share some of my style, opinions, and art, but most importantly I want to connect with more people.

For starters, I have a passion.. for not one area specifically but instead for many. I love to laugh more than anything. I believe one of the gifts I’ve been given in this life from the Lord is that of encouragement. I want if nothing to put a smile on someone’s face when in moment’s of doubt, fear, hopelessness. That is why I am being led to serve as a nurse for every race and religion existent. Next to loving Jesus, I also have a passion for yoga, and what it has done for me and my life. However, do not let me fool you the person that I was prior to my practice was just ugly..the MOST selfish immature twenty-year old girl ever.

If you don’t know me personally, I hope now is the time for you to get to know me. Roughly a year ago I started to youtube yoga channels and different videos so I could tone up a little bit, and I honestly wanted to look like those super hot girls that are always fit, beautiful and whom seemed from an outward perspective living life up to the fullest while waving those super cute and expensive towels in the air showing off their PERFECT bum.

So I scrounge around and pull out an old yoga mat that my Jr. high cheer coach made us buy one summer to try to get the team in shape. I typed in the “Day 1” yoga challenge with Adrienne on my Mac and opened my curtains and blinds to allow for some more natural lighting. My first day attempting yoga actually went smooth. The flow Adrienne chose wasn’t unbearable and I believe anyone could keep up with her speed and skill level. So being it’s free and at the touch of your hand, give it a shot on your next spare moment. You will not regret it.

Becoming a person who’s mind, body, and spirit are well taken care properly  is not an easy task..or for me anyways. To clear my mind completely and put my agenda aside while focusing solely on being in the present… IS STILL THE HARDEST TASK i’ve encountered in twenty-one years. Shortly after just a few more of Adrienne’s videos I could feel automatically more strength through my thighs, pelvic muscles, abdominal, spine, etc. I think one day I looked in the mirror and saw not a single flaw for ONCE in my life and it felt great. Not only was the outward aspect of my routine starting to show, but while at work when trivial things would arise I could see myself processing my thoughts and simply breathing without becoming startled, aggravated, or stressed. That being said last fall I decided I would continue my practice and sign-up for a yoga class at my local community college.

Literally after just a few weeks of sticking with getting onto my mat at least 3-4 times a week I felt a dramatic difference from the outside-in. How could simply focusing on moving the body and its alignment make one disregard the surrounding yet while becoming so aware of the present.  Suddenly the negative thoughts that I had held onto were out the window and nothing but positive insights were made. The feeling of one’s brain becoming to a complete stillness is something thats not easy, but I promise is achievable. Continuing my yoga practices is by far one of the best choices i’ve made. It has helped me in everyday life from my relationship with my God, family, boyfriend and every interaction each day.  It’s so much easier to live in a world where you aren’t always having to feel unsatisfied or unfulfilled. When freeing your mind of judgements and comparisons you will feel so good in your OWN skin. It’s inspired me to just be someone I’d like to meet. You know.. the golden rule. “Do unto other’s as you would have them do unto you” Right? If we can all be humans and treat one another like such; then the world is not nearly as negative of a place as you may feel it may be. I know this was extremely long but I thank you for taking the time out of your day just to read a tad about my journey.  Any comments or questions are welcome!

-Sending good vibes and blessings your way-